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The Trail of Our Founder, Ira Pinkhasova

Ira Pinkhasova is the founder of Ira's Daycare & Preschool. She originally comes from Uzbekistan where she obtained her master’s degree in elementary/early childhood education. In 1988, she migrated from Uzbekistan to the USA. She attended Touro College where she received her bachelor’s degree in elementary/early childhood Education. Ira’s dream was always to own a day center/preschool. She believed a child’s education is the most valuable thing in the world and that all kids deserve to have a safe and educational environment to learn and grow.

In 1989, Ira opened up a family group center and it has been operating for the last 27 years. Currently, Ira’s dreams are continuing through her daughter, Linda Pinkhasov. Ira’s Parkway and Ira’s Briarwood daycare centers are under her supervision.


Linda is as passionate about children as her mother was. Linda’s goal is to continue her mother’s dream for many years to come. Call us today to schedule a tour for one of our locations!

Looking to enroll your child in a specific program? Ira's Daycare & Preschool offers programs all year round! Our licensed and certified teachers have the combined experience of 10 years in education.

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Our Professionally Trained Staff Will Tend to Your Child's Every Need!


Call us today to schedule a tour at one of our locations.


139-76 85th Drive Briarwood, NY 11435

Briarwood: 718-739-6500


141-20 Grand Central Pkwy Briarwood, NY 11435

Parkway: 718-526-1803


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